wparts.net – a Multi-lingual Landing Page

Wholesale Parts Unlimited

wparts.net – Wholesale Parts Unlimited

Wholesale Parts Unlimited (wparts.net) is a company specializing in worldwide distribution of auto parts via online catalog.  They contacted us to build them a landing page for their catalog.  Several additional features were added over the course of the project.  These include a company newsletter, news ticker,  and a custom login page to their catalog.   The page also needed to be presented in both Arabic and English.  The browser would need to present the proper language based on the language settings of the viewer. Continue reading “wparts.net – a Multi-lingual Landing Page”

30plus – An EVE Online Corporation Site


30plus – A Gaming Group For Older Children

30plus is an online gaming community from the video game EVE Online.  As one of the top 25 largest groups in the game they have a very active player base.  Their current CEO (think Guild-master), is an affiliate of Tremlor Technical Services.  As a result, he chose us to do the work on the corporation’s site and help them create an online presence for recruiting new players. Continue reading “30plus – An EVE Online Corporation Site”