30plus – An EVE Online Corporation Site

30plus – A Gaming Group For Older Children

30plus is an online gaming community from the video game EVE Online.  As one of the top 25 largest groups in the game they have a very active player base.  Their current CEO (think Guild-master), is an affiliate of Tremlor Technical Services.  As a result, he chose us to do the work on the corporation’s site and help them create an online presence for recruiting new players.

The fact that every member of the group is older than 30 in “real life” is a unique feature of 30plus.  Their community is much more mature than the average online gaming group.  The Tremlor design team constructed the site to cater to that particular type of user.  It is not in-your-face flashy.  Instead, the site offers up information, tools, and technology to the members in a straightforward and uncluttered way.

Unique Design for 30plus

For this site the design team used some interesting CSS to cause the banner image to seem to move.  That’s not a movie, it is a series of pictures that fade in and out while sliding downwards.  The result is a high quality feeling of movement, without the loading time overhead an actual movie would have caused.

A link to the site is available here: https://30pluscorp.com.  Check it out and let us know if you would like any of the features it has incorporated into a new project for you.


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