wparts.net – a Multi-lingual Landing Page

wparts.net – Wholesale Parts Unlimited

Wholesale Parts Unlimited (wparts.net) is a company specializing in worldwide distribution of auto parts via online catalog.  They contacted us to build them a landing page for their catalog.  Several additional features were added over the course of the project.  These include a company newsletter, news ticker,  and a custom login page to their catalog.   The page also needed to be presented in both Arabic and English.  The browser would need to present the proper language based on the language settings of the viewer.

Unique Design for wparts.net

The need for this project to translate between different languages was the primary challenge for the Tremlor design team.  It was important that it do so in an easy to use and uncluttered manner.  The client did not want a “Google Translate” engine with its inherently clumsy wording.  Instead they wished to provide all copies of the text in each language and have the page present the means to switch back and forth at will.  Our challenge was to implement the page switching in a seamless manner, displaying the primary language of the user first in each possible situation. A link to the site is available here: https://wparts.net.  Check it out and let us know if you would like any of the features it has incorporated into a new project for you.

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