Tech Support

The team at Tremlor offers IT Consulting Services and Tech Support to corporations, businesses, and home users in the Salt Lake City area.  Our team extensive experience in managing systems of varying sizes and complexity.  We can help make sure your data handling methods meet compliance and privacy (HIPAA) standards.  We are also experts in security, and offer a range of tools for any budget.

If you need tech support please reach out to us today via phone or via our Contact page. We will reach out to you right away and will want to discuss the following items:

  • Your current setup and maintenance program
  • The size of your organization (corporation, small business, home network)
  • The scope of the proposed project (installation, repair, maintenance, etc.)
  • Any special considerations (security concerns, etc.)
  • Your plan for ongoing maintenance

Let our tech support experts help you get your systems working like they should.  We look forward to hearing from you.